Why bring your dog to our shop?

1. Low-stress calming environment with: Essential Oil aromatherapy; Limited number of dogs throughout the day; Attention to the dog's needs (soft voices, private kennels, extra love & praise , play with kids, treats!); In-Home environment.

2. Safety: Someone is with your dog during all stages of their groom. They are NEVER left alone with a kennel dryer.

3. Experience: Over 8 years customizing dog styles. We can help with issues like shedding, "dog breath", human/dog allergies, even some behavior issues.

4. Convenience! The average stay is 1-3 hours, not all day. We'll call you before your dog is done to arrange a pick-up time. No mess at your house, just clean fluffy pets.

5. Variety: All breeds and sizes are welcome. We've worked with almost every breed from Chihuahua to NewFoundland.

All dogs and owners are treated with respect and lots of love. If you have any questions or special requests, please let us know. We are here to make sure you and your pet have the best experience possible