Services and Pricing

Full Groom: We do more than other groomers. We don't think you should pay separately for the necessities. So we cover everything for you.
  1. Two show-quality shampoos with our water massage system.
  2. Leave-in Conditioner. Because your dog lives in the 2nd driest state in the country.
  3. Finishing spray to help pull out shedding fur.
  4. An anal gland check with expression if needed/possible.
  5. Nail clip, polish upon request.
  6. Ear cleaning/pulling. Fewer ear infections are a good thing.
  7. Full Brush/Comb out. Even 15 minutes of de-matting if needed.
  8. Custom cut. Does your Golden Retriever need to be a Labrador Retriever? Ok.
  9. Dental spray to help dissolve plaque and make breath fresh.
  10. Cologne spritz. You chose the scent
  11. Bow/Bandana upon request

Breed Pricing: We price by breed to allow for differences in coat, temperament, size, and standard styles. Please call for an estimate.
Additional Custom Options:
Nail Dremelling or Clip only: $5   1st De-skunk Treatment: $20
Dematting: $5 per 15 minutes   2nd De-skunk Treatment: $10
Furminator Deshed Treatment: $10   Behavior Challenges: $5-$10
Medicated Treatment: $10   Late Pick-up: $5 per hour
Anal Gland Check only: $5    

Check out our Discounts

Let us know if you qualify for any of our 10% discounts below:
     - Puppies under 1 year old
     - Senior Owners and Active Military Families
     - We also sponsor Liberty Academy Charter School by donating 10%
     of purchases made by Liberty student families back to the school.

We also carry convenient home sizes of all the products used in our shop so you can continue the salon look at home.
Cat grooming coming in 2013!